Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Excerpt from Blog Author’s Novel – The Roth Overlook – “A Painful Resemblance”

May 2, 2019

Alde is a slender woman whose physique is temptation to eyes that eagerly fall into the trap of seduction. With arms that are always bared, Alde sweeps the chamber with both exotica and erotica; and with a face full of so much depth in both kindness and compassion, there is not a soul alive left untouched when under the spell of her sapphire eyes and pallid skin.

She is one woman whose dark hair flourishes like oaken trees in wailing wind, each tress falling as if it were an oak descending at the mark of its death.

Her beauty also casts shades of sorrow. For we see upon her features, among all the glowing signs of expressive endearment, the marks of stress that always carve many lines into the cheeks and below the eyes. All beauty dissipates in stress, like the abandoned sculpture left to absorb decay with the passage of time. All that one may see at first glance is that which Alde clings onto; the outpouring of love from her soul.

Crystal eyes that bare the sensitivity expected of a woman, while also the misery written in those creases on skin, are features typically noticed by men.

Assertion in her glance, Alde looks upon her child and the neck that rises from his two shoulders that is so like the snowy peak of a mountain, reminding her that there is worth in this household.  However, upon focusing her attention on her husband in the next moment, there is only coldness in her eyes, as though the man were a slave owner, and she were continually bound with manacles and punished with a whip.

Strangulation is the only word that can be used to describe such a gaze. For the word itself is as metaphorical as it is literal. On a literal level, it means to siphon away freedom, as hands around a throat would do when breath is trying to escape lips.

In viewing her son, she has countless observances. The brownish curls that fold onto Bastian’s collar engender sympathy in this woman’s eyes. She espies those types of minute details in her son’s appearance, and many times when shifting her stance in the kitchen, her eyes linger and do not trail from his sight.

Beauty does not leave a trail in her gait. She walks quickly, as the meal has been prepared in haste. It is an unconscious efficiency that she exposes. The quickness is not shown through careless actions. These are actions devoted to the word “accustomed,” and are always paired with, and result from a soul dirtied from a lack of truth. It all comes to her as deliverance, when the word is used in terms of giving rather than receiving.


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