How I Abandoned Higher Education – “To the Rats”


Higher education has become something of a lesser department where my eyes travel. I only believed in its importance because of the world’s definition of success. This was until I understood that “success” in today’s definition of it, has only to do with guarantees. “Education” is not in with the “higher”, and I’ve come to view it as “Lesser Education” and more of a guarantee. I’ve observed that people do not attend college for an education, to better their minds, to advance their pursuits. It is because genius is there for proof, and if we have a world of individualism, this would mean that we’d breed geniuses like action figures for a toy store. Do we do this? If we do, then genius is not of this kind.

Genius is rare, and is meant to be rare, because genius has everything to do with the extraordinary. Leadership merely requires willingness, and never some ordinary qualification on a paper. Truth has to do with the heart, and has to do with honesty, and never something on a piece of paper. And yet, such pieces of paper are those guarantees, to be “successful” in a world that wouldn’t see you successful, unless you followed a businessman’s interpretation of success. The businessman’s interpretation of “success” in a college is only a guarantee, and never the separation from the crowd so that you truly have a light. For a guarantee is only a guarantee, and is there to blend you in with the rest. Life is mediocre and average, and if one wishes to live this way, then I am not here to dissuade anyone of that.

Since truth has to do with the heart, and not a guarantee on a piece of paper, then truth should also have to do with originality. That originality refers to the individual, and each person will have their own story to share. The beauty of the human being is in the sharing of honesty, not the withholding of it. Those who utter the words “Truth is subjective” are those who believe truth should be withheld, and never shared. Does everyone have their own truth or their own story? Yes. Does this make it subjective? No. All can be an artist of genius if they have the willingness to be that leader, that government, and share what they know. It is called wisdom, and I am aware that Philosophy is very much a neglected subject in today’s “contemporary” world. If truth were subjective, then we’d not see scientists sharing knowledge with the world, nor any philosopher of the past doing the same. It is because perhaps science is the documented and researched source of knowledge, which refers to the “guarantee”, whereas philosophy is mere observation, and one can share an observation without writing about it.

We do tests on people in hospitals, and such requires filing in a cabinet. Guarantees, and trust. Trust is a factor of honesty, as well, and with a corporation’s obsession with “confidentiality”, and a random person’s obsession with “openness”, it seems that things are backwards. A University will offer books and a professor will speak words, though will anyone question them? If a corporation stores information, will anyone question or even hunt for their contents? The answer is no. It is because a corporation that focuses on scientific research will bury truth, whereas a random human will speak it. Philosophy wins in this regard.

I abandoned “Higher Education” and turned it into “Lesser Education” because there is no guarantee. To me, this is merely a reassurance that one will matter in our world. It is satisfaction and comfort, put together to give someone the idea that they will not flunk a course to flunk their life.