Words of Wisdom – 5/23/2019 – “The Reality of God”


“Do people seek the reality of God or the love of God? I ask which it is, because to see the reality of God would be to deny life, and we’ve already succeeded in denying love and its importance. In a world of ever-changing ‘progression’, there is continually to be the negligence put against the unchanging, referring to love. Should one search for love, they’d soon refuse to change, refuse to advance, and refuse to move on; unless death were to overtake the beloved and they’d have no choice but to step away from the body. To see reality, is to see death. To see love, is to see love. And yet, both are unchanging. And so we finally ask, which do we flee from, for its danger? Love or death? The burning fires that comes with love, or the burning coldness that comes with the frigid nature within death?”