Horror Poem – “A Headless Woman” – Erotica

I failed to mention a tiny detail,
The space above your neck
Is lacking.
For proof, I needn’t describe it,
You could not look above,
To see it.
The space that is lacking,
Is only for my witness.

Beauty now resides only on your grace,
As your face, has resulted in the emptiness
No long mattered, no longer around.

Spill upon me the fluid to which belongs
Upon your bosom.
White fluid that would crawl on flesh
That is torn upon my torso.
Would you scream when giving birth?
Or would only silence follow?

Your face is disallowed to exist,
Your mind is no longer present,
Though, I see a body that beats a heart,
Myself moves to take its shape,
Swollen to that of my yearnings.
As thy lips are no longer present
For my kisses.

A disdain and a scent,
A scent of love and lust, gathered to one.
You were beautiful and knowing.
And now, you lack the recognition.
I see only a body
That appears as any other.

A body of devilish desires,
White as Christ’s own cloak,
And with pink lines to mark thy youth.
You were defeated by defeat,
And I have surpassed you.