Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “Reason is the Fabric of Dishonesty” – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

“Upon the time when the pauper raises their eyes, they do not see the sun. They see the worker carrying their tools. Such tools in the erotic sense, in the making of the self, as the reproduction organs. Creation. When the worker raises their eyes, they see the sun. They see greater hope. There is a question through this. Why do we expect the rich to aid the poor, when the workers are closer in distance? Reason conquers faith. Though, faith lingers upon honesty. In such intimacy between the worker and the pauper, there is that honesty. It is because for a brief few seconds, a worker was once a pauper, before returning to being a pauper. So, when one places honesty to the higher level, beyond the sight of a pauper, then honesty is lost. Honesty is lost, when the pauper is forced to become God, adapt to a palace, wear the robes of an Emperor, when all they comprehend is dirt and filth.

Honesty is lost, when a pauper is forced to judge as God, and will judge as God, and will judge God, and will judge the worker, because the worker is all the pauper can envy, not God.

Honesty is lost when honesty is placed into the realm of critical thinking, when such should be separate. Reason has little to do with faith. Faith directs the eyes upward, and God worships no one. When we see the eyes of those we love, the worker sees God. The pauper sees the worker. Therefore, the pauper sees their God, their savior; and the worker sees their God, their savior, due to such closeness of distance. For there is nothing more personal than empathy. What had been the previous step, is now the cause for that empathy. From pauper to worker, from worker to Godhood.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Man to the Woman” – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

“The man’s words will never directly reach a woman’s mind, no matter if they aren’t romantic. Even when logical, they will strike to her heart and pluck the strings like notes played upon a harp. This is for the reason that a woman admires honesty, while logic is the epitome to honesty. Those words will raise or lower themselves, like Heaven to her head, or Hell to her knees. A man will sing a song, while playing a woman’s body as an instrument. No negative expression in this, for such words do not need to be a shout, nor the strings plucked to make the music of disorder. The music can sound as elegant as the chirping bird when upon the bough of some birch.”

Poem – “I am an Immortal Man with Eternal Guilt” – Romance – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

Why have I felt, the need, to break,
And unbind the fortune, of love?
Where there is so much, to behold,
I see tears, streaming precious gold,
I see a face, made with ivory,
Though, bendable like silver.

Your face quivers, from the gentlest touch,
And show creases of misery, from the widest brush,
A face of no sympathy, that I behold,
For thine eyes to witness, like Christ, upon the cross.
I am the cruel man, with his wicked, endeavors,
And the sad man, who shall live, forever.

Not immortal, beneath love,
I am maddened, to be far above,
Your petals, and your lakes,
The lilies, upon your face,
I am an immortal man, with eternal guilt,
Drawn with ambition, eating poisoned fruit.

Words of Wisdom – “The Singular Requirement for Leadership” – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

“Our obsession with credentials and requirements have forced truth into the books. We no longer pay attention to the hand that is raised, from a person who has offered themselves as a volunteer for a task that may prove life-threatening, and we offer them the ‘position’. Our concern for safety has seemingly even been brought to a leader’s attention. What do we make of a leader? Are they not the vultures? If so, aren’t we the prey meant to defend ourselves? And to what do we offer ourselves? As a sacrifice, or as a loss? There is only one requirement for leadership, and that requirement is willpower. The book will bind us as the spine of the book binds the pages, as our own spine binds the movement of our limbs. As an offering, we give ourselves to a threat. To an evident problem, we conquer it, because we possessed the strength that no one else showed.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Double Standard” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“Refer to the sword and its one side blunted, with the other side as edged. Refer to the divided half of the bread, with one side eaten, and the other side saved. Most of all, refer to the eyes and that both look in the same direction, when they are pointed. As well, refer to the fingers that point in two directions, though the eyes can only look towards one. In comprehension of the ‘double standard’, there we see the primary and secondary. The side most damaged, and the other side most loved. The one side enslaved, and the other side protected. Most of all, comprehend the difference, because there is one that represents a two, and never a three.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Therapist is Opposite from the Friend” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“The difference between the therapist and the friend, will be that the therapist will offer a limited time for conversation, and then ask for something in return; whereas, a friend will offer an unlimited amount of time for conversation, and ask for nothing in return, simply for doing the right thing.”

Words of Wisdom – “Control is not Necessarily the Enslavement” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“The fool and his view of religion as control, has made the view of ‘control’ as one-sided. Such a fool will say that religion deems to control, through enslavement, and such a negative view will inspire those to take greater inspiration from ignorance. For there is a positive form of control, and such is guidance and wisdom. The ‘lack of common sense’ and the replacement of political power over the church, has created this. Such fools who say that religion deems to control, are so much the fool that they cannot comprehend what created religion. Faith and trust. These components are the same essences placed forth for the politician. What has changed? Nothing. We promote change, not love. We inevitably begin to yearn for love, and to ‘yearn for love’ is to yearn for the ‘Second Coming’ when Christ returns. This is to yearn for love to return. Is it not true that when hatred and division dominates, that we yearn for love? Religion promoted and promotes the modesty that comes with love. And through individualism, there is, with it, the promotion of change. With change, we decline. We love, we are settled, and we want nothing more than the honesty pertaining to common sense.”

Essay – “The Colored Spectrum” – “To Debunk Pride…” – Pt. 2 – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

The colored rainbow possesses each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The missing colors are black, white, and pink.

Between life, is birth and death. They each represent the color of black. Black is the color of fertility. A woman’s body is land. Land is fertile when dark. Land is infertile when light, akin to the desert, or the pale skin of a dead person. A volcano’s lava will create dark earth, and will be fertile for new vegetation. During childbirth, a woman’s rapid contractions is the same for symbolism, among fertility. A volcano’s rumbling, that is. Life begins in fertility and ends in fertility. That is to say that life begins upon the color black and ends on the color black. Life is an array of colors, and the limited discontent and hatred. Through the volcano, and during eruption, such “red waters” are released from a woman’s body, alike to lava, blackening, and her body becomes once more, fertile.

Of white, there is where love exists. A woman wears white on her wedding to reveal not only purity, but the possession of love that a man knows will be his rest. For he has worked, and has stressed, until coming to the point where his possession of a wife, will be his ultimate achievement. He is reminded, until death creates the parting, that love is the achievement he should not lose. It is only lost, when not only death through the physical body is manifested, but also disloyalty. When a man is loyal, a woman is loyal, and the words “till death do us part” as the wedding vows, reflect this, as well. It is also because “black”, which is what a man wears, is there to remind him of death, and of his potential mistakes. Destruction takes places among the burned form, and through ashes, as is what a human turns to when dead, destruction may indeed be the thing a man controls. To turn a marriage to dust, through disloyalty.

Of pink, there is virginity and the newness of anything. It is the first sign of discontent. After pink, there is white; and after white, there is black. Pink never returns, because youth, as well as virginity, can never return, soon as it passes. The infant is pink. The hymen is pink. This all translates to, “After pink or newness, there is white or love; and after white or love, there is death or discontent”. And this translates to “discontent challenges love”, or “discontent challenges loyalty”. Newness of life, creates the love of life, and the death of life, is death of loyalty to life. That is, Man should remain loyal to Woman, and if Man is ever disloyal to Woman, then Woman will be disloyal to life. It is because Woman will act as Man, through being disloyal, as well. As the reflection is where love is defined, and one discovers their “other half” in a beloved husband or wife, that which begins life will be the Man to warm a woman’s heart. And should he be disloyal to make her heart cold, then she will become selfish in her loneliness, and betray life. That is, the abortion of infants will become the norm, when love is gone. A man’s actions inevitably create a woman’s reactions, as the mind will always be the influence to the heart, as a thought creates an emotion.

Words of Wisdom – “Change is the Way of Creating Hatred, through Dissatisfaction” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“Change is the opposite of contentment. Contentment is the opposite of hatred and discontent. In such a world as today, where there is a yearning for love and for hatred’s disappearance, no accomplishment of love will ever be made, when there is constant change. Constant change, multiple differences, will create the limited hatred that forms the process of decline among the human. Love makes the human thrive, as such occurred for two thousand years, because love promotes limitlessness. Hatred promotes decline, and an endless promotion of change creates a downfall. From this, Darwin becomes more-so the prophet over Christ, when he ‘predicts’ that the strongest will survive.”

Dialogue – “The Rainbow of Discontent” – “To Debunk Pride…” – Pt. 1 – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

Q: In what manner is love absent from the discontented person?

A: The continual desire for change, creates the most related word to change, and that word is “discontent”; and the most related word to “discontent”, is “hatred”. That is because “hatred” when seen without negative expression upon it, is a word that defines “change”. That is because change is a process of discontent, and to be dissatisfied, means to never love.

Q: And where to you believe this mentality has arisen from?

A: It has arisen from an abandonment of God. In the abandonment of God, one abandons love in its truest and purest form. Content and satisfaction are the words related to “love”, and discontent and dissatisfaction are the words related to “hatred”; and all the colors in the world belong in the center of everything, among life. Should we see this in neutrality, “love” is the stillness, and “hatred” is the movement. That is, among “love”, there is rest and comfort, and among “hatred”, there is eagerness and rapidness.

Q: You have referred to the rainbow as the banner of hatred, and this is because “hatred” should be defined as “endless discontent”.

A: For the opposite reason as love will raise one to an infinite height, hatred will decline one, though it won’t be endless. Suicide, from such discontent, especially among those who alter truth, and their flesh, will be enacted from the discontent; and this is due to what pain creates for the soul. Pain is continually offered the question, “When will it end?” And for the opposite, in love, we never question, “When will the love end?” A color is a color of division, and division is never to be unified when the pain cannot be soothed by love. The descent will result in a decline of humanity.