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Words of Wisdom – “The Difference Between Depression & Anxiety” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“The difference between depression and anxiety is the sole difference between being trapped and having uncontrolled movements. Anxiety resonates with a fear of the unknown, or a fear of the future. Depression links with anxiety by how a person will fear their previous mistakes being repeated. This is the same as a person looking upon their past, and seeing as well their future. They wonder to themselves, ‘Will it happen, again?’ The anxiety is the adrenaline rush, while depression is the morbid feeling of sorrow. Depression is the emotion of guilt, while anxiety is the uncertainty. Both feed upon one another like two vampires making love.

However, as it always is between a linked pair of two, there is always the dominant side. One must pose a question to themselves, ‘Which is stronger? The fear of the unknown, or the mistakes I have previously made?’ Or… ‘Which emotion haunts me the most?’ Guilt or fear? The depression or the anxiety? They are blended only because we fear what may reoccur. No one wishes to be faced with the shame, and the greater fear of that shame being thrown upon us, when others will point their fingers.

Perhaps the answer to this issue is in the impossibility of a person being able to look over their shoulder and ahead at the same time. At the same time, during the same moment, it is indeed impossible. No one can turn left and turn right at the same time. It becomes a split, or a division.

One should know that the past cannot be repeated unless their current actions reflect not a willingness to see the future with both boldness and wisdom. Take each step forward, and do not fear the future enough to take a step backwards. For when this occurs, that step backwards will then be the reliving of a certain memory. We must fling the good from the past at the appropriate direction… though, perhaps we should also study our previous actions, and sift away the negative from the positive, recognize the positive, and hurl that in the ‘appropriate’ direction.”


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