Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Good Man to the Bad Man” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“The difference between God and deception, is in the very difference between Man and Woman, where God, as Man, will lift a woman so that she may see the earth’s green and blue. As for deception, deception will only lift a woman so that she may contribute to the burying of truth. In the latter scenario, a woman will no longer preserve the weak. She’ll multiply the weak, and find them to lack use, so she destroys them. No longer will compassion be of her heart. No longer will empathy be of her heart. She had been lifted by deception, promised power, and now sees the ‘possibilities’ or ‘opportunities’ as the multiple devices as her chosen toys. She pierces, she mesmerizes, and her contribution is not mercy, but the destruction for the sake of a crude smile.”


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