Poem – “Surrender to Me” – Erotica


Your love and its streaming auras,
Make this moment as a lake
With a boat upon thy body of it.
A lake with myself atop it.
I swim in its wetness,
That is the poison I swallow.

Beauty turns into magnificence,
When I hold two breasts,
Like two pearls given greater luster.
Oh, how you’ve made loveliness grander
Than the shapes made into stars.
Beauty becomes the splendor, in its heat.

Of two legs matched and identical,
As two separate steeples,
Sweat draws many marks on their ivory surface.
How I love thee when you weep.
When you weep in gladness!
A face alike the sun when shown in resplendence.

I dine and feast on a neck,
That is alike to the swan, when choked and strangled.
How much I adore your sighs,
Lifted in this embrace.
You are one with a dagger,
One that I’ve penetrated into flesh.

So lovely you are, with eyes that pierce my own,
Dark and stupefied by pleasure,
In its immense amounts.
Of two arms that dance above your head,
A scent that would make God gullible,
And breath as sweet as the rose from a bouquet.

Wonderful listener, to my words,
Come pull a hand over a dagger,
That is warm from flesh beneath a mound
Of soil and fire.
Marvel at its sharp edge,
And make of it as you will.