Words of Wisdom – “The God of Power” – 6/14/2019


“A different God, not the God of love, but the God of power, will promise the weak a place of power. God is everywhere, though so is Satan. And a creature of worship who does not offer the comfort and solace of a home, is not anything of honesty. It is deception that a world worships, should the weak be allowed to dominate through fragility. A fragile domination creates a fragile society. And a world that has no honesty but the brute nature of raw power, is not a world that seeks rest upon those who create. Soon, those who create, those who develop, who represent power and who represent change, will fall and then again, be the God of love, who sees who they’ve ignored. For a God of love does not stay at the top to perpetually espy the horizon. They occasionally stoop down to see what is at their feet, so that nothing is ignored.”