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Words of Wisdom – “The God of Power” – 6/14/2019

June 14, 2019

“A different God, not the God of love, but the God of power, will promise the weak a place of power. God is everywhere, though so is Satan. And a creature of worship who does not offer the comfort and solace of a home, is not anything of honesty. It is deception that a world worships, should the weak be allowed to dominate through fragility. A fragile domination creates a fragile society. And a world that has no honesty but the brute nature of raw power, is not a world that seeks rest upon those who create. Soon, those who create, those who develop, who represent power and who represent change, will fall and then again, be the God of love, who sees who they’ve ignored. For a God of love does not stay at the top to perpetually espy the horizon. They occasionally stoop down to see what is at their feet, so that nothing is ignored.”



  1. People who say stuff like that should try to answer: how do you know?

    • Intuition.

      That’s all it takes.

      • No reason or evidence needed?

      • That’s the obsession of today’s time.

        And my intuition tells me that our liking to “evidence” or “reason” has made humanity less likely to divulge honesty upon one another.

        You may also say that what I write are only theories, but let me say something else:

        A theory can not only be a question that requires testing for it to be proven true. It can also be a form of clarity to something that’s already been tested.

      • The reason we value evidence is that provides a method of protection from ideas that are wrong, false or.misguided.

      • “Ideas that are wrong, false, or misguided” has nothing to do with honesty.

        Honesty has everything to do with what is said at first glance, and is always the first thought that enters the mind. Too often do people believe that to be “honest” or to be “truthful”, one must have to read a book that tells of the truth, and that book would have the only truth that people should need to know. From the Bible, to any book written by some researcher in a field or branch of some science. Truth is like clay, easily molded or sculpted to one’s liking. It’s also like flesh, and can be any shape, so long as it appears “whole” through the eyes of who sees it.

        Truth is never incomplete; only rearranged, altered, or changed. Honesty doesn’t require evidence, because honesty IS the idea.

        People today have lost their touch with honesty, and so they believe that everything said of them that is deemed “negative” is “wrong”. Even if they are a friend, and that friend only wanted to provide a critique upon that person’s life, they would reject the words out of a pure stubbornness and selfishness. An unwillingness to be rearranged, altered, or changed, because they wish to stay the same. And that’s usually harmful, especially if the person has a problem.

        And who has the “right” to call out on someone’s problem? Anyone has that right to do such a thing. Again, the book, to the “credential” is not ever a truly valid way to describe someone’s honesty as valid, itself.

      • Well yes, we do seem to be living in a ‘post truth’ world if modern politics is any gague.

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