Poem – “I Celebrate Our Downfall” – Romance/Erotic

With so much torment and scrutiny
Upon the faces of those who last,
We are two apart,
Whose love shall fever the past.

A heat, and a self; a face, and a devil,
A love, and unkindness, once made as one.
We are beautiful when in each’s arms,
But Nihil, when torn apart.

We have smelled death,
Made death enjoy our scent,
And felt the few look upon us,
With the purest envy.

Our downfall, not our destruction,
Though, I’ve raised myself as triumphant,
And called followers from wherever,
You’ll call me down, and pull me down.

You’ll leak Heaven from between your legs,
And the light of God from your dual breasts.
The fragrant ivory skin,
Love has been made, at the sight, of a body.

A serpent once kissed a sandy shore,
And saw with two slits for eyes,
One single slit, and a virgin eye.
It tasted its sweetness with fervor;
It pierced the virgin with its limp form;
And drowned in the purity.

I look upon thee,
And see no more to see.

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