Words of Wisdom – “Debunking the Marriage of Multiple Wives” – 6/29/2019


“Variation has little to do with the aspect of morality. Though, ‘morality’ also has little to do with what is to be said here; and what is to be said, is that marriage has more to do with the inherent nature of the brain, versus the ‘artificial change’ among scientific endeavors. ‘Possibility’ is the chief focus of science. ‘Diversity’ becomes a focus of the Man-made human, over the ‘naturally-made’ human. Appearance should never be a primary focus for a woman, and should merely act as second-nature to her. She should not have to think about appearance, place it into the higher brain of reason, but merely apply the cosmetic, apply the dress, and begin her day. As for the ‘marriage of multiple wives’, there is, to the brain that is in everyone’s skull, the primary focus that situates itself upon the singular wife. A ‘one’ wife, to the ‘unity’ that represents ‘oneness’. All human brains are incapable of ‘multi-tasking’, as is how the ‘computer of science’ operates, not the ‘naturally-made’ human brain. Thus, we have ‘favoritism’ that has nothing to do with love. Favoritism has to do with lust. Inevitably, through that favoritism, ‘multiple wives’ will be ‘used’ as fodder for childbearing, until one wife is seen as the ‘capable’ sort to perhaps bear a son. She will be the primary focus, and the rest of the wives will be the secondary focuses. Though, soon as the primary focus has been expended of its usage, as with all primary focuses, it will soon become secondary. That is, the ‘primary focus’ will become ‘one with the scrap heap’, alike to the ‘second-hand’ used clothing, the ‘unwanted’, and the ‘unneeded’.”