Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “Reason is the Fabric of Dishonesty” – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

“Upon the time when the pauper raises their eyes, they do not see the sun. They see the worker carrying their tools. Such tools in the erotic sense, in the making of the self, as the reproduction organs. Creation. When the worker raises their eyes, they see the sun. They see greater hope. There is a question through this. Why do we expect the rich to aid the poor, when the workers are closer in distance? Reason conquers faith. Though, faith lingers upon honesty. In such intimacy between the worker and the pauper, there is that honesty. It is because for a brief few seconds, a worker was once a pauper, before returning to being a pauper. So, when one places honesty to the higher level, beyond the sight of a pauper, then honesty is lost. Honesty is lost, when the pauper is forced to become God, adapt to a palace, wear the robes of an Emperor, when all they comprehend is dirt and filth.

Honesty is lost, when a pauper is forced to judge as God, and will judge as God, and will judge God, and will judge the worker, because the worker is all the pauper can envy, not God.

Honesty is lost when honesty is placed into the realm of critical thinking, when such should be separate. Reason has little to do with faith. Faith directs the eyes upward, and God worships no one. When we see the eyes of those we love, the worker sees God. The pauper sees the worker. Therefore, the pauper sees their God, their savior; and the worker sees their God, their savior, due to such closeness of distance. For there is nothing more personal than empathy. What had been the previous step, is now the cause for that empathy. From pauper to worker, from worker to Godhood.”


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