Words of Wisdom – “The Singular Requirement for Leadership” – 6/30/2019


“Our obsession with credentials and requirements have forced truth into the books. We no longer pay attention to the hand that is raised, from a person who has offered themselves as a volunteer for a task that may prove life-threatening, and we offer them the ‘position’. Our concern for safety has seemingly even been brought to a leader’s attention. What do we make of a leader? Are they not the vultures? If so, aren’t we the prey meant to defend ourselves? And to what do we offer ourselves? As a sacrifice, or as a loss? There is only one requirement for leadership, and that requirement is willpower. The book will bind us as the spine of the book binds the pages, as our own spine binds the movement of our limbs. As an offering, we give ourselves to a threat. To an evident problem, we conquer it, because we possessed the strength that no one else showed.”