Poem – “The Aromatic Love” – Erotica

Come quickly,
Dear Devil.
For upon your shoulders,
And beneath your shoulders,
There are the beads,
That run to where the Earth ends.

Face me,
Dear Woman.
God has famed us,
In his kingdom of fire.

Glory and empathy awaits us,
On an altar of always,
On ridges where flowers rise to face,
All the names of men.

Dear Fate,
My lady, named Fate,
Who has a scent called “mistaken”;
Of velvet flesh,
And porcelain hips,
Hips, akin to the handles
Of tea cups.

I drink from thee,
Oh, scented beauty.
For what falls from between thee,
Thee, and your marvelous legs,
Should be the identity,
Of what we call matrimony.

I am in you,
And you are upon me.
The world approaches dark,
False notes, breathed from the lark,
Will drown us,
In temptation and lust.

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