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Words of Wisdom – “The Earned Disrespect” – 7/14/2019

July 14, 2019

“Some will repeat the words, ‘They have disrespected me,’ while others will repeat the words, ‘Respect is earned.’ And I say, ‘If respect is earned, then what about disrespect?’ Disrespect must have a foundation of that which is to be deserved to the proper person who deserves it. Respect is earned, then so should disrespect also be earned. No woman should say, ‘He disrespected me,’ without first thinking, ‘Perhaps I deserved it.’ And then knowing that she deserved it, might bring her peace.”



  1. Lol. 🙂Well this made me laugh just a little bit.
    I think I typically remove the gender when it comes to treatment of human beings.

    Not that what I have to say is really important to anyone here lol, I would say we should treat everyone respectfully. Those we might not feel respect for, we can certainly be neutral with and set our reactions to that caliber.

    • Haha. Yeah. I see what you’re saying.

      Although, when I differ between “love” and “respect”, I don’t see the latter as being offered equally. As humans, we tend to not want our guards to be dropped for love, and choose rather to take the lesser risk of gaining respect. To be respected, or to be feared, comes at a lesser cost, than to be loved.

      Especially since when we desire respect, we also look upon a possession when it’s lost as if it has been lost; though, when we’re in love, what we lost has been sacrificed, not lost.

      When we love, we love equally. When we respect, we respect individually.

      • Maybe I’m not fully on the same page as you. After I read and get to know you better that might/should get better.
        What I do like is the thought you put into things. I adore thinking people 🙂

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