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Words of Wisdom – “How Time has been Thought of to be an Illusion” – 7/15/2019

July 16, 2019

“There is nothing that more profoundly expresses the chaotic disarray of a society, when it comes to time. Time, being an illusion; time, being a concept; time, being a man-made invention, is the same as pointing out the evidence behind a crime. And who’d question the evidence? Anyone would, should they desire to take advantage of escapism; that is, to escape from either responsibility or from responsibility. To deal with that which has created chaos in one’s life, is to not escape from it, as would the criminal to the crime do, or the detective to the crime, would do, were laziness to be of his own mind. Time creates structure. It creates order. And today, we point out chaos, as easily as pointing out that there’s oxygen to breathe upon earth. To point out that time is an illusion, a concept, or an invention, would be to first point out that Nature created oxygen, and then to point out what Nature’s own creations had created. It is to leap from one step to the next, without first comprehending what a ‘creation’ naturally does for the creator. It creates purpose. A creation creates purpose for the creator, as the artist of their own sculpture has purpose in what they create. This is, again, to say that time, like any invention, has been made for that purpose, because purpose creates order and never chaos. And yet, there’s a continual upheaval of chaos, for the sake of both the individual and business.”


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