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Words of Wisdom – “The X and Y Chromosomes” – 7/16/2019

July 16, 2019

“Comprehension, in the face of love, is the single ingredient for love’s timely unity. Comprehension is the offering of empathy. Empathy is offered for the vulnerable someone, and to ‘comprehend’ the vulnerability of someone, through empathy, is to achieve that unity. A man attempts to comprehend a woman, and fails through incompletion of that comprehension. A woman attempts to comprehend a man, and only succeeds through a failed analysis, because curiosity was her only motive. A man sees insects. A woman sees giants. A man must look downwards to see a reflection in a puddle, or in a woman’s eyes. A woman must look only forward to see a reflection through a mirror. Though, when a woman looks upwards, she sees the thing she is curious over. The face of a man. The face of God.

A man possesses an X and Y chromosome, with the X chromosome of him being what he fails in terms of comprehension to a woman, in terms of incompletion to that comprehension. His Y chromosome allows him to rise, both of sexual and egotistical nature.

A woman’s dual X chromosomes, creates both nature’s of love and lust. A woman’s nipples are meant to stick further out from her abdomen, when she’s not pregnant, to symbolize the nurturing, the compassion, and again, the empathy. It is to say that a man will first notice the nipples, the breasts, or rather, the ‘zone of attraction’ when she is at the ‘right weight’ to ever be attractive. This is to say that in a ‘world of lust’, a man will be forced to see what sticks further out than the nipples, and that is, the so-called ‘love-handles’, and the belly, when she is not pregnant. This is to say that such a ‘world of lust’ is a world of use, is a world of sculpture, upon flesh, where the ‘slaves’ are still slaves, though are ‘freed slaves’. When a man sees the breasts before the abdomen, when the woman is not pregnant, a man notices objective attraction, and we then live in a ‘world of love’, not lust.

What was written above, lastly, ties the very thing between men and women, and that is the X chromosome. A woman’s breasts are the symbols of compassion and empathy. Connection and unison, and a man has nipples, too. Love connects, not lust, objectively speaking.”


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