Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy of a Degenerated Society” – 7/20/2019


“The immensity of cowardice that lurks as a ‘cloud of plague’ above a world where people will say, ‘I do not take advice from my enemies’, as such morons will proudly believe such ‘criticism’ to be a petty word called ‘negativity’. It is moronic and overused as a philosophy. In fact, it degenerates the individual to the drain and then, the sewers. It turns people into rotted waste. For the best people to take advice from, are your own enemies, for the betterment of your life. Turn to the wisdom of every War General, not including myself, and see what they said as well, when they uttered words similar to, ‘I commit myself to the dangers, and when they are over my shoulders, alike to a cloak of finest embroidery, I see that they have been stained with two drops of blood. One of my own and one belonging to my enemy. And I see, with two clear drops descending from each of my eyes, that they are the same color’. It is so, for criticism is there to comprehend the one human to the next human. Criticism betters life, as we forgive our enemies before we and they, die.”