Words of Wisdom – “The Bone of Logic” – 7/21/2019


“The fool and the idiot believes that logic remains submerged below a tide of question. That is reason. Reason is the very thing of question. To confuse logic with reason, is to confuse the mind with the heart. Logic is the tool of the mind, utilized to answer the heart. The heart echoes the problem, while the mind answers the echo with an answer. The fool will believe in the ‘lack of the solution’. They will not believe in the absolute, nor the answer, and find comfort in endless question. Endless confusion, and the seeming torment that resonates in such endless confusion. They will say they are not confused, though are continually discontent, and will never fathom that their self-loathing is the exact definition of their question that relates to their doubt. The ‘one of self-doubt’ will be the one who ‘rejects personal responsibility’. They will be the insects whom those of business utilize for advantage. To spin the wheels, to keep the flow of society from ceasing.”