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Words of Wisdom – “A Paradise on Earth” – 7/22/2019

July 22, 2019

“To say that Heaven has a place upon Earth, is at once, believing that love is the obsolete emotion. For such has been the quote from the 1960’s of America, that ‘love is obsolete’, for whatever reason. This is very much the territory of the mind, in reaction to a belief in a ‘paradise on Earth’ when a human comes to say that they can create their own happiness in life. Such can only happen with one way that is split between two paths. Contentment, that splits between the road towards marriage and the road towards death.

Happiness is impossible to occur for a life not among the understanding of another. We understand each other through love and through death. No words need to be spoken in these experiences. Happiness never occurs through a so-called ‘independence’, because life is always seeking thrill. We brave death, through that thrill, and we enjoy the wildness of the ride. Inevitably, we enjoy the steps, in life, and the destination is always either rest or rest; as either reprieve from suffering or reprieve from suffering; as either love or death.

Poverty is, therefore, the life experiencing death, and marriage is the life experiencing love. Without marriage, without the lock, one is still the life experiencing life. One is still the life experiencing struggle. One is still the life experiencing pain and hardship, traits that are not meant to be among marriage. For the most important thing to remember among marriage, is that contentment and satisfaction is at place of marriage’s destination; that is, to never desire more, for that breeds the onset to infidelity.

How can Heaven have a place on Earth, when through marriage or through love, we, as humans, as life, place ourselves within Heaven? Life is the current of struggle, of worry, of fear; and in our lives, idealism should come natural in the marriage. The idealism that allows the pair in a marriage to not suffer. And we ask again, how can Heaven be upon Earth, when life continues to be discontent in wanting more? The pauper is not one to ‘want more’, any more than the pauper has anything for any amount of substance. They are not living. They are the ‘life experiencing death’ and of all life, there is a road to where each of us want rest at its end. The place where pain ceases, and it doesn’t occur for life. See ‘life’ as the word that resembles pain, and the two words ‘love’ and ‘death’ as the two words that resemble where pain has halted.”


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