Words of Wisdom – “The Isolation of Mental Illness” – 7/28/2019


“Are we all alone with our thoughts? I’d believe it to be true, considering one’s thoughts are merely an echo to what the eyes had seen, formed to be a memory. One’s memories, and a memory is the only thing that can be titled a ‘perception’. What one had seen, and then, what one had thought upon, creates a perception, or a memory that could haunt the individual to their grave.

Isolation is a word that defined the ‘asylum’. Asylum refers to be alienated away from society. They were buildings, as physical and literal structures, made to house the maddened and depraved. They were people no one wished to be associated with; and it was said that they were ‘physical and literal structures’, but what do we make of the skull that houses the mind? This is a metaphysical and metaphorical example. Isolation. It is repeated here, for one is indeed alone with one’s thoughts. It should be said here that a ‘law’ or a ‘betterment’ only goes so far before Nature overwrites it. Madness, among any illness of the mind, is the most lonely mixture of emotions.

It is for this reason that the artist will repeatedly state that no one will comprehend the work of the artist. This is the reason why many artists of genius will commit suicide, due to those of lesser intelligence throwing glances in the artist’s direction, and enforcing this lonely feeling.

And what overwrites illness? Companionship, for if love does not cure the madness from the diseased mind, then nothing else will ever replace the nurses and doctors among a so-called ‘psychiatric center’ with one goal to ‘never show tears’ or ‘form attachments’ with the patients.”