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Words of Wisdom – “The Question on the Answer” – 8/7/2019

August 7, 2019

“We live in a world where the word ‘misanthrope’ is something to be admired, adored, and still… where do we find such people? They end up as psychopaths, as people who wouldn’t feel pain when they hear their loved ones who cry in pain. We dislike faith. We dislike religion. And for what purpose has this created? I prove now that the question is opposite from the answer, and the ‘power of reason’ falls on the former. We once placed God as ‘high’, and now we place Science as ‘high’. Why is this? I prove now that it is because those who never received answers, never received bread, now rule us; though, they govern us by what once afflicted them. The question of, ‘When?’ has turned upon the whole of the Earth. And faith, no longer unites us. Question divides us. Faith unites us. Those who never received their answers, now rule us. Those who never provide answers, now rule us. And to what extent does this last? I prove now that when polarities reverse themselves, we turn answer down to its lowest point. That is, we bury truth. And as question and Science is ‘high’, God becomes merely a truth to leave in the past, like any dead thing. Faith, too. Wisdom, too.”



  1. Those who never received answers now rule us.
    They never received answers from religion, but now receive answers from science and logic. They may not be answers that you approve of, but they at least seem to be true and valid.
    Faith unites us.
    It was hard to type this response through my tears of laughter. There are 3 “Catholic” faiths. There are 22,000 (and growing) Protestant faiths, all before we reach the Jewish faith, the three(?) Muslim faiths, Bahai, Buddhist, Shinto, etc.
    Faith unites small groups and promotes tribalism, to the detriment of the entire world. 😯

    • And so you become one of the people who believes the word “faith” ties solely in with religion. To the common layman, it would. Though, it has a different definition, one that I specifically pointed out. When I refer to union, I refer to trust.

      You obviously didn’t understand anything of what I wrote, and that’s fine. Many people don’t understand a lick of what I write, and I call that “also fine”. It’s fine, because many of my writings, I plan to bring a fair share of Enlightenment to the rest of the world. Not in the Enlightenment that comes with reason. Just in the mere Enlightenment that comes with providing answers, in a world of question, where people are more willingly doped up on this question, over receiving an answer.

      I did mention religion as tying in with faith. I did that, but can you ever be the one to notice something else? Trust? I already know, as would anyone, that there are multiple religions, and not merely the Christian one. However, each religion, as I also know them, have the same core foundations when it comes to each of them. Each “organized religion” was founded as a way to create simple peace. Though, everything is bound to receive its share of corruption. Nothing is immune to that.

      When I say that people receive answers from the “people who never received it in the past”, they are the ones who have thrown our own living world into a field of eternal question, because the power of the “question” is the “power of reason”. The power of the “faith”, is the power of the answer. Can you also understand this?

      Read this sentence carefully, for I will not repeat it, again, as I am sick of that:

      “So long as we, as humans, dwell in utter question, the complete power of reason, we will never find an answer. The power of reason is polar opposite from the power of the faith. We no longer trust leadership. We trust denial. We no longer trust the existence. We trust the non-existence. In these things, we, as humans, find more pleasure, and inevitably so, in the question, and are stuck in fear and anxiety, easily exploited for use in science, and will never see true light. And, inevitably so, we become humans who cannot ever have a ‘light’ of their own, such is the sight of us, when under the ‘light’ of the only ones who have ‘buried answers’, believing them as false, and now have born a world in pure and unadulterated question.”

      Do not make me repeat what I have said, again. And do not reply to me with an argument that states what you already said. I hope I have cleared enough of the fog from your vision, as I will do for many others in the future.

      My works aim to dismantle much, and also raise much, as Darwin did, as Locke did, and as Hume did.

      I hope we can be friends from now on.

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