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Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 2 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is nothing so deforming of a man’s features, than guilt. Encourage guilt, and you encourage the remaining existence of the masculine man. His instinct is guilt.

What does a man see in a woman’s eyes?

Why, it is all he’s been avoiding. The forgiveness he cannot ever place upon his own actions. Upon himself, it comes hard for forgiveness to douse the dictator’s or psychopath’s actions. Pride only comes as approval. Shame comes as disapproval.

A man’s guilt is as prominent as his infinite opportunity to achieve. His infinite craving, that is, and his only motive behind his desire to achieve, is to compensate for that feeling of guilt. Encourage guilt, and again, you encourage the masculine man. Reveal opportunity, either of sexual desire or monetary gain, and you exploit his guilt, and create his fall.

There is nothing so vengeful as exploitation, and nothing so much the exploit than the exploitation of fear. It is always a cruel gesture to reveal weakness, and it is any enemy to a human’s tool to exploit it.

Within a woman’s eyes, is where he sees the avoidance of God. He’s claimed himself to be God, and yet, the forgiveness for his actions of domination comes from a woman. He will deny God for as long as possible. Perhaps a man will see God as too bright. And to love, of which the ‘modern day’ has found to be ‘obsolete’, it is more proof than ever else proof was made, that forgiveness, nor love, does not dominate, but subdues.”



  1. This hit home for me. I’ve definitely had my guilt exploited before and it messed me up big time. Now you’ve made the perfect guide on how to do so. 😛

    • Yeah.

      And I always see women trying to do the same things as men. Don’t women get it?

      A man doesn’t achieve or desire success to either “show off” or to “simply want more”. He is always looking for that simplicity. While he’s alone, with no companion to call a “romantic partner”, he is dwelling in that guilt.

      A man knows he’s screwing up, big time. And he doesn’t need some moronic movement called “MeToo” to remind him of that innate feeling of guilt. It doesn’t need to be proven to him. He already knows all about it.

      Compensation. That’s why a man craves achievement and competition. For all the steps he’s taken, he knows that he’s left someone or something precious behind. And that’s why he asks the question, all the time, “Haven’t I done enough?”

      • Interesting – It sounds like you’ve had some quite personal experiences in this area as well.

        I think all women are not looking to exploit men though. Unfortunately, there are just numerous shitty people out there, both men and women.

        I hope you find someone great one day.

      • Yes. 🙂

        I’ve already found the one I love.

        Not all women are like this. Some are smarter than others, and I’ve found that the smartest of woman will give up on many things that the world says they must have.

        I believe that femininity holds a greater power than masculinity.

        I believe in that, because femininity will make the masculine man willingly submit himself to her. HE is the one meant to bend his knee to propose, in terms of devotion to her. HE has found that simplicity, and she offers it to him.

        Does a woman believe that masculinity holds the greatest of power? Then, she should at least consider that the largest of things reveal their weaknesses most close-up.

      • I suppose that’s why trust is so important. To believe that your partner will see your weaknesses but choose not to exploit them. Interesting perspective!

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