Poem – “As I Bury my Flag in Thee” – Romance/Erotic – 8/22/2019

Great beauty with detached flesh,
Forms a skeleton so vivid, like ice and diamonds.
Faceless visage, and a tear that descends,
To the mouth that is open.
Am I beloved to thee?
The ever-more worn beauty?

Your idleness is a naked curve,
A hip that extends outright,
For my hand to be placed upon it.
And as I give all myself,
I should know in the solitude, in the darkness,
That I have thee.

As I bury my flag in thee,
I have conquered a woman.
Most precious, my love, and my home,
The heart that is within, has been my holiness,
And also your holiness, for me to find it.
I am in love, so in love, that I will not release the hold.

I have found you, among wreckage,
Your flesh rent apart in the daylight,
And your eyes fallen upon your darkened breast,
Faceless beauty;
Of an escape to a place in darkness,
There is hope for me to crawl between you.

I have found love in a heart,
One that is your own.
I am so much in love, that I will count each scar,
Upon your transparent form.
I will count, and I will remove,
Each wound that has come around to exist.

Deny me nothing, and make me everything.
Make me music through every sigh,
Make me thousands raised upon your shoulders,
Of tears, that sing as happiness.
I will love, and I will love, and love,
And nothing more.