Words of Wisdom – “On Pain, from Man to Woman” – 8/24/2019


“There is no comprehension resonating from Woman’s mind to what Man speaks, so she is forced to turned to belief. She is forced to turn to trust, and she will trust what has been said from his mouth, even if he’s deceived her. Therefore, in love, Man must be as truthful as possible. Nothing should be detailed with deception. For she will build herself on pride, through deception, and she will build herself on love, through truth.

Loneliness makes Woman proud, to be able to conquer all, on her own. Though, offer her naked shoulder a hand of warmth, and she will crash to the Earth in a thousand splintered fragments. She had not wanted loneliness, and only dwelt on it, because it was all she experienced. Woman’s body is first a meadow, the home for all life; though, Woman’s body will turn to be the scarred battlefield, should all she have experienced is betrayal. As the soldiers battling upon that field, for what are they devoted to, besides the land back home they are to protect? And the land they fight upon, is a land still sympathetic to Woman, as women are sympathetic to other women. Because, as women stand together with themselves, and believe in equality, it is equivalent to when land, itself, joins together in held hands.

When Woman ‘claims rights to her body’, it is equivalent to when that ‘field’ is abandoned, and left to repair itself. However, it will one day find life walking atop it, and will one day find Man to race across it.”