Words of Wisdom – “The Deal is Unlike the Love” – Philosophy on Love – 9/27/2019


“In contrast to love, there is business and discussion. There is explanation and subtlety, among all things related to dishonesty. Ask a question to expect honesty, and if an explanation is offered, a lie has been offered. All things related to ‘the deal’ are related to deception. A deal is not a promise, but a token for advantage. Love is a path of honesty and commitment, and there is nothing better a representation of it than a marriage; though, people who think on a marriage will see a contract. A contract, a deal, and then, perhaps divorce will follow. Such people should liken their thoughts on ‘the deal’ with divorce, and never the marriage. Create the deception, the divorce, and a deal has not been broken, though has been made, because divorce signifies material gain, and never anything to do with the love meant to be eternal within marriage.”