Poem – “A Step Back in the Right Direction” – Romance – 10/30/2019

Fall upon me, now,
And un-shield your eyes,
That sparkle from the dew of a newest morning,
A cry for aid, when you came astray,
Feeling pain as you did upon the birth
Of our love.

Your mind is a curse for your heart,
Your heart is a feast for my mind.
Your flesh is the place where I part
The breasts, to see where I may carve,
The distinction between love’s breath in time,
For all that I could rewind.

I am in love with a mirror,
Two delicate eyes that reflect
The most diseased memories.
God would raise me to his height, so that I could know,
All the pain of the world, that surely grows.
Denial is a place for the most comforted,
And the most suffering.

I am in love with a mirror
That reflects a distant past.
It glares upon me, in heated romance,
It pours upon me, pain after growing pain.
Do not die for me, as I take this final retreat,
A step backwards in the right direction,
To a place I know well,
A place I do recognize,
As an area kept in Hell.

Erotic Poem – “A Cross for My Horrors” – Romance – 10/28/2019

You drop your idleness upon my spirit,
Your quietness upon my mouth,
Your beauty upon my flesh,
And your tongue runs like a whip against my throat,
Lost within
A cave that echoes sigh after grateful sigh,
Dear woman, with tresses made of ebony,
Add all stones, and all pleasure,
To this form cast from wood,
And yours made from marble.

I had bled upon rocks,
With my wrists untied, when they were bound,
To each end of a cross,
And I saw each road out of Eden.
I saw with eyes crazed and frozen,
Upon flesh and stone,
Marble and bone,
Your form and mine,
Our desires do shine.
Simply give what the many lacked.

I see,
With eyes upon the ends of a road of white,
Virginity broken upon combined scorn,
Breasts carved from ice,
And nipples born from flame,
Your eyes show places tall,
For homes built small.
Seed has been sent unto the womb’s wall,
And love has been hung as portraits on empty halls.

Your beauty is a careful design,
Crafted by other gods.
They had not the hands that stole a stare,
Away from men so unaware.

Poem – “A Face Full of Mirrors” – Romance – 10/28/2019

Blank face, and greatest of ways,
Place my body before you,
I test the weight of your gravity,
The denial you’ve kept in the knowing
Of all I knew to be,
Your love, and your lust,
Built on stones and steel,
In a forge within a home.

A face full of mirrors,
Is where I see a past so amusing.
Treasured, though buried
And you’ll bleed each one into the Earth.
You’ll wield each mirror with vanity
To your purpose
To see, and see, and weep.

What I see
Is a woman without clarity.
Love had once blessed you,
Gave you a sire,
And yet, you sired pain.
You could have sired Heaven,
And yet, you sired Hell,
And starved the child.

Shadow to eyes, and shadow to shoulders,
Overthrown and buried,
You’ll say that the world lived without you,
Though, you lived without the world,
With what it offered,
With what I offered,
Music and merriment in a dream,
Was merely disguised.

Love is a playground,
And I was its child.

Poem – “Delay of an Arrival” – Romance – 10/28/2019

Tolerance, and belligerence,
Came together in untold charity.
I was the man of fortunes unkempt in my mind,
Ambitions of truest sadness,
With faces that were many.
Blame me, the boldness upon these hands
Stained with the eruption of grief.
Pain is my reward,
And your reward is my expression.

An expression of what I’ve held
As a delay to our arrival.
Our arrival upon infinity,
You puled and grieved on sands
Made of your tears,
Each grain, a shard of glass,
Each stain, a precious,
Although, place of a hardened heart,
And I would pull the desert together.

Your eyes, a world to view,
Your hands, made to be kissed.
And a mind, not of my kind
For I have bruised it well.

Our love, and your graces,
My faults, and my faces.
My empire, turned into dust,
My grave, tempered with rust.

Poem – “When I Fight for Love” – Romance – 10/28/2019

When I fight for love,
For the peace of another,
It is not me
Who wishes to be happy.
It is another, I aim to be,
Among for, in truest plenty.

To bless a peace inside an aching heart,
To stay for cheeks I’d kiss away falling tears,
To kiss even the eyes, themselves
As I’d always do,
When I fight for love, it is not for myself,
When I fight for it, the emotion, itself,
I fight for another,
And lift them above.

As their beauty raises me, I raise them.
As their tears wash from eyes of sorrow,
I kiss them.
I drink their pain away in this heated world,
Full of so much disgrace,
One fullness of a face, one pair of eyes,
And I am blinded and able to see,
I am wishful and able to breathe.

When I fight for love,
I offer myself
As a body full of greater pain
To hold the weight of the world, upon these shoulders made of stone,
And I’ll hold even more, and pledge those feelings upon my bones.

Poem – “Amorous Eyes” – Romance – 10/28/2019

I brought myself as a frame,
For thyself, to view in fortune and fame.
Thy eyes will glisten like the stars overhead,
And death will not cling onto us
When we move across wilderness and sea.

A coven, or a haven, or a place in Heaven,
Is to be,
Beloved by thee,
And by me,
Upon the time we’ll never be barren.

I brought this frame,
To see the highlight in thy sparkling eyes,
All amounts of dust that which I allowed to collect,
Upon when I left thee, to suffer among alleyways and filth,
You’ll have a place beside me,
When I will see thee, upon that frame
In a canvas made of silk.

Each thread, for each garment, for each raiment,
For each pleasure I never would thwart,
Not for any other moment.

Erotic Poetry – “The Flavor of Love” – Romance – 10/28/2019

The taste upon your cold, although
Sweet lips,
Is as comforting as the bite I make
Upon your smooth shoulder,
When you unleash your sigh to this winter air.
I have tasted death,
As you have tasted life.

Born into your womb, a light within the darkness,
I have laid upon you,
Seed after sweetest seed,
Graceful, is your form
Of longest arms and ever-more
Longer legs;
And, among the place I nestle a new kiss,
Two breasts for both the wielding, and the taste.
Alike apples for a bite of both,
And their color is gold.

Bless your lifeless body with all I’ve sent, with shivers
To my form and yours,
The taste of love is both sweet and foul,
With scent that allures.
I flood a trail against your abdomen,
And you reach for a drop,
Two legs apart and between them
A dagger, once more,
Sinks into flesh for the tide to roar,
Beautiful woman, is there more to Heaven?

Erotic Poetry – “The Bough, the Bush, and the Berry” – Romance – 10/28/2019

In all I crave, I stand before shore and ship,
At the lash of some sailor and his whip.
At the command of God above, and pauper below,
I am here to make a home in the loneliness of a tide,
And there are memories in mind.
And, in my arms,
Where blood makes stains against my long-coat,
A woman pules and grieves newest after newest tear,
For an ending to what made her at a loss
For something I aimed to steal,
Though, had brought myself to take.

Virginity from womanhood, and I am not the thief in the night,
But, I am the man barren in his guilt.
There is blood upon a dagger, a wound in a woman,
And fewer than ever, places to perform my suicide.

There is this lonely ocean,
With tides against my ankles,
And, I want nothing more than to say farewell,
To all the world and its woes,
For I believe I’ve caused
Them all, and then some more.

My guilt is this ocean, and this ocean is my home,
Its tide, as well, my place to feel a belonging,
For distance, as well as certainty
To be calm, as well as afraid,
Of where to go, in my place among the waves.

Poem – “Among Your Death” – Romance – 10/26/2019

I will live,
Though, how can I breathe?

How can I start a fire,
A flame
In this heart of mine,
Without the glance that brought me life?

How can I state any moment of happiness,
In the most genuine of words,
Without what is needed,
To keep me down?

What finger will be placed
Upon my blistered lips?

What pair of eyes will know
The cries emitted from this sentenced heart?

I will live,
And no longer know love.
And, how can I breathe,
Without the comfort of comfort
To truly lay me down?

Erotic Poetry – “An Entitled Bosom” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Face me,
Your stagnant aura, of many aromas,
Puts me beneath you, in a dying dedication,
For I’ve discovered it.
You deserve it,
You have earned it,
A caress upon a wild and entitled
Bosom that shows a gloss.
You were loved by many,
Until the one who will shower you,
With kiss upon kiss.

Star above,
Song below.
Allow me to bellow this melody
Upon your idle features,
As I describe what I’ve conquered:
“A lady of pain, who slept away to cry,
Has a herald of agony below herself,
A beauty with tresses like bark from a tree,
Shedding down to where I may see,
The entitled bosom that needs itself to be seen.”
Thrust aside those worn garments,
And offer me the breast for my wielding.

Go on,
Capture these kisses upon each orb of flesh,
Marriage has caught us in its net,
Its veil,
Its place of pride and wine,
Within a Holy Grail.
I kiss, and I kiss, again,
Two breasts,
An entitled bosom,
As your hands reach upward to remove the hair
From my eyes, stained from cries.
And I sigh, to bleed upon an ever-more
Golden ring and golden pride,
Bleeding for a face too adorned in lies.

Poem – “Of a Light, Sorely Screaming” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Love all, when I call,
You, to the furthest cliffs,
And say, that you will stay,
To speak true words, of no dismay.
People seem, and also scream,
To force cues,
To force signs,
To places full of danger,
Will you be the one, to fulfill,
The only one, who has become still?

Your beauty is where I mark unknowns,
To a center I say is full of danger,
To places where kisses run rampant,
Upon walls and over edges.

You gracefully speak,
While I pitifully weep.
Music runs like magma from our throats,
Beneath the Earth where the dead still rot.
I am merely the man with loathsome keepsakes,
And futile memories,
That I always leave away
In a puddle of Bacchus.

You have beauty to which I reach for,
To see with the most open of eyes.
Though, it enters my arms with greatest pain,
And wallows there among my frozen corpse.

Maggots crawl, while sorrow walls,
Love swallows the coldest pill,
To quell aches from the sickness that quakes.

But, to me, there is nothing to see,
But the flavor of what I now know,
A place of emptiness to which I wait,
For my love to enter what I wish to sate.

Poem – “A Kiss upon the Divine Shoulder” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Dawn on me,
Your shade of comfort,
In my place of great sorrow.
Hellish disdain,
Among great pain,
Has left me open,
To the option, of having you near.
And you are what is called,

A great love, has left its mark,
Upon a heart, fleeing in dark.
A notion I’ve made clear,
Under stars so bright and cruel,
That I’ve seen plains full of flame,
And cities full of shame.
I’ve seen what I cannot clear,
From my mind nested in weathered tear,
Brought down upon frigid knees.

My love is a great castle,
Of knights and bishops combined.
Upon when I kiss
Your divine and splendid shoulder,
That beams from heat I know not where,
I see two faces and two eyes,
Merrily meeting without any disguise.
There is no deceit among us, in this feat
Nothing wrong among us in our great heat.

A wilderness around us,
Mournful trees about us,
Two moons,
One brighter than the other,
Two faces,
Of yours and mine.
I see from your divine shoulder,
A mark that I’ve left.
Is it a love you’ll say to be a surety?