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Words of Wisdom – “The Payday of Guilt, brought upon Man’s Shoulders” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Guilt is the payday of that currency towards what we all comprehend of a man: his doings, which he knows without ever being reminded, must be covered. Love is the left hand of a man, while within his right hand is the scepter of Godhood that he claims will run his past amok. His past, that clings upon him, which is why a man is attracted to a woman with her own history. There is flesh for a man to uncover from a woman. There is truth, of that flesh, that reminds a man that instead of covering his past, forgiveness from a woman will soothe his torment; that is, he will no longer need to shroud himself in darkness, blinded by his doings, but be in the embrace of her, so that whispered words will comfort him, as though he were an infant, once again.

All guilt from a man harbors upon the covering of his truth. Though, when he extends his vision with the eyes of love upon a woman’s form, he comprehends what he cannot conceal: the flesh that would not be buried, unless it is dead. Therefore, he comes the protector, instead using his own form to guard, conceal, and shroud her, which forms the protection of truth, rather than the clothing.”


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  1. A man comprehends his own guilt, simply from his feet walking upon this planet. His own movement, is not for justice, but for the insatiable and the uncontrollable lust to gain, to keep his dignity and pride, and most of all, to reject his own honesty.

    When a man is before a woman, he MUST be wholeheartedly honest to her.

    That is because, whatever he says, even it is a lie, will be believed by her. That is because, the past that he has shown to her, all the torments he has wanted her to see of him, all the wounds he has wanted her to cure, is made to be believed by her to be already mended simply through her presence. If he is not honest, she begins to question, “What haven’t I not done?” while he clings still upon the guilt of his doings.

    A man has loved stored deeply in his heart, too deep that sometimes he denies its own existence.

    If men make up mathematics, are the ones with infinite sperm cells to make infinite copies of themselves, then they are the ones to deny God, deny themselves, and deny what makes up the guilt of creation: the guilt that resembles a world of no existence, no love, and complete loneliness. Darkness was what was written to be the first thing God noticed. How does a man relate to this, one may question?

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