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The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy Behind a Choice” – Political Philosophy – 10/10/2019

October 10, 2019

“The idiocy behind a choice is when we can state that the person with the choice can make a choice, merely because they can. In fighting for the choice, we then abandon every shred of wisdom that the human mind has ever explored. As well with that, we abandon sight, and clarity, and most importantly, responsibility and awareness. Those final two things make up the crux of personal leadership, and thus, the family becomes added to negligence. When we fight for the choice, we feel wrong to state that one choice can or should not, be made. We feel jeopardized in our personal decency and ethics in controlling another’s choice. And, in this, we back down from wisdom, and feel fearful enough to never put the hand forward that may stop a foolish friend from doing something that may end their own life.”


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