Erotic Poetry – “The Flavor of Love” – Romance – 10/28/2019


The taste upon your cold, although
Sweet lips,
Is as comforting as the bite I make
Upon your smooth shoulder,
When you unleash your sigh to this winter air.
I have tasted death,
As you have tasted life.

Born into your womb, a light within the darkness,
I have laid upon you,
Seed after sweetest seed,
Graceful, is your form
Of longest arms and ever-more
Longer legs;
And, among the place I nestle a new kiss,
Two breasts for both the wielding, and the taste.
Alike apples for a bite of both,
And their color is gold.

Bless your lifeless body with all I’ve sent, with shivers
To my form and yours,
The taste of love is both sweet and foul,
With scent that allures.
I flood a trail against your abdomen,
And you reach for a drop,
Two legs apart and between them
A dagger, once more,
Sinks into flesh for the tide to roar,
Beautiful woman, is there more to Heaven?