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Words of Wisdom – “A World’s Inability to Trust” – Philosophy on Love – 11/7/2019

November 7, 2019

“Trust is a placement, not an emotion, and the trust that extends from woman to man, is the trust of him to see truth with open and aware eyes. A woman holds all the truth among her flesh, and opposite from her ability to consume, is her ability to embrace. ‘Love-making’ is what will be loose, should it ever be tied to the mindset of a rapist. As accusation after accusation against a man becomes commonplace, we see a society around us that lacks the ability to trust. We’d not trust the rapist, and each spilled tear from a traumatized woman, is as believable as humanity itself. Do we deny that the crying orphan upon the road needs aid? Do we deny that the bird with a broken wing needs aid? We never deny what reeks of humanity, what reeks of hurt. Therefore, we won’t deny a woman’s tears, and will constantly believe in her words.

However, the notion of trust is an external expression that is, from a woman to a man, a belief that he’ll handle her flesh with care, with gentleness, and with romance. He’ll see truth, whatever has scarred her, without turning away. Her face was the bald sun when he removed the veil, and now, he views the flames.”


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  1. There must be a reason, a very embedded Psychological reason, that must be thousands or tens of thousands of years old, that makes it inevitable, out of perhaps some change in chemical patterns in the brain, that a man would be accused of infinite amount of sexual assaults, soon as trust is dropped from society.

    Soon when we no longer trust God, when we all become Atheists, all this chaos becomes commonplace. It should be deemed factual, somewhere in a book that everyone obeys, that it was inevitable. Is there already a book like this? I believe there is one.

    Why do we call the Bible as “bullshit”? I’m sure there’s much information stored in there, that no moronic “study” can ever fathom through a scientist’s methods.

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