Words of Wisdom – “On Health and Education” – Political Philosophy – 11/8/2019


“The very association of the word ‘free’ with health, is ignoring the fact that ‘health’ will always come with a price, and that price need not be currency. In a Socialist case, ‘free’ and ‘health’ seems unlike an oxymoron, though in fact, it is, when we consider that to be ‘healthy’ would refer itself to life. Life, itself, is a thing of great consequences. How can health, which relates to life, to the preservation of life, at all be freed of consequence? Such would not make it ‘free’. And, on education, when does the wise man or woman not ever suffer for what they’ve seen? Such suffering upon the mind, could be a detriment to one’s health, and thus, we have ‘free education’ being a negative counter to the notion of ‘free education’. To be ‘educated’ would have to mean, in any other definition, to learn the books, and only this, and never to apply one’s individualism to the task of learning a subject.

‘Health’ and ‘education’ are matters of price, for to lose one’s mind in the latter, is most certainly alike losing a kidney for the former.

Is this an argument with semantics? No; it is merely a statement that should remind those of the things consisting themselves within life. That, life holds the breath of consequence, and the mind suffers for it.

We are not healthy when we lose, nor are we educated when we gain.

We lose a kidney, and there is now a price to that. We gain wisdom, and there is now a price to that.”