Words of Wisdom – “A Right, versus a Power” – Political Philosophy – 11/10/2019


“There’s a difference here, as it should be infinitely stated, that to have a ‘right’ to do something, is more likening to having a ‘power’ to do something. What do we call rights, in the real world? We name them privileges. People protect rights for one reason: they believe them to be endangered, thus noting the fact that such ‘rights’ are always temporary. Just like life, we protect it, we preserve it, and like an endangered animal, we put such species in protection, so they don’t become erased from existence. Therefore, to have a ‘power’ would mean for one group to try and control another group. This is named to be ‘tribal warfare’, and for millennium, each new ‘superpower’ has always thought itself to be better than another ‘superpower’. We are merely humans, who look for a fight, looking for a crack to ooze through, so that we may see another side’s territory.

A ‘right’ becomes temporary, when it is superseded by a power. Therefore, there are no rights, only powers.”