Erotic Poem – “Loosely-Drawn Curtains” – Romance – 11/25/2019

And kindness,
Smooth pages like the silk upon a bed,
A place, as well,
Where softness gently swells,
In some core of a woman’s bosom.
Like two golden apples,
Those breasts were wielded.
Like two pillars of marble,
I have seen the highest, standing legs.

And I’ll lay you down,
To where the ocean’s ripples are the calmness,
Until we create a storm,
And make the world know our presence.

I’ll kiss, and kiss, again,
Your sweet and delicate form.

Love will be our curse and our blessing,
From each ecstatic sigh you release.
And I’ll come through to thee,
To offer worlds you’ve yet to see.

I am the rock upon which
Your wet and gliding body
Laps against.
Sadness is yet behind us,
Where we left it.

Are you here, where we will stay?

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