Words of Wisdom – “To Silence a Government/The Other End of Slavery” – Political Philosophy – 11/29/2019

Two types of slavery, to which only one is ever being regarded as even in existence. To beat, would only mean to silence into obedience.

To silence the black slave, makes the black slave obedient.

To silence a slave’s master, would be done so, through words.

The “voice of reason” calls a slave to say that slavery is a wrong. Yet, the slave with that voice is a slave-master, himself.

In today’s time, we employ the more hidden, the more subtle form of slavery. It is the slavery that possesses the mind, unable to ever become “outlawed”. Such a Liberal government will only ever, upon outlawing the ability to speak, upon outlawing the ability to express, revive the slavery against the body.

Firearms and fists, will be the revived banner towards freedom.

This all only proves that humans control nothing.

We are not so much “part of Nature”, since we desperately desire to control it. We are fools, in that regard.

When a slave rises against slave-master, he will do so with first, the fist, and then “cover his tracks”, and create a new name for himself, with the “voice of reason”. Although, as has been noticed, such people who name themselves as “victims” are utilizing words, being the replacement for the whip, to silence anyone against their words, alone. “Only our words are to be heeded and paid any mind,” said perhaps the black slave.

Anyone who speaks, will be told they are “racist”, as such a word has, again, become the replacement for the whip.

The whip silenced a black slave.

To be called a “racist” is now a word, or a tool, replacing the whip, used to silence someone.

And the “victims” now look down upon a leadership, making themselves appear taller than what they have deemed to be “too powerful”.

Who is the one with power?

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This is a blog for the romantic and inspired, and of those who yearn to share intimacy in the form of words. Acceptance of comments, that is, is necessary to fill-out my work, when a critique is offered. This blog treats romanticism in the fashion it has always been placed, with endless emotion from the stirring love and of a heart drowned in sorrow. Beauty and love has continued to be my focus, and it is a focus for those who yearn for it, either in its return or in its newness.

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