Poem – “I am the Horror in your Eyes” – Romance – 11/25/2019

What world have we not believed in
Upon the making of our love?

Two streams run between
The sides of your delicate head.
A tiny form is all you have,
And I’ll not break it

Further, when our worlds collapse.

As great enemies wander
To where they shall battle,
We’ll be ever-further apart,
From the other.
I see your face so aligned,
With thin streams that sometimes widen
Into roaring and merciless rivers,
Running into your open and tired mouth,
And break, for good

When you breathe.

I see shoulders there for kissing.
I see them, as well, for caressing.

I see what should be offered a bite,
I see what should be given, despite
How our Hell has wilted our light.

Fear is a plague to me,
And I’ll always be the horror in your eyes.
For I am not the man to make you believe,
In love’s short eternity.

Erotic Poem – “Loosely-Drawn Curtains” – Romance – 11/25/2019

And kindness,
Smooth pages like the silk upon a bed,
A place, as well,
Where softness gently swells,
In some core of a woman’s bosom.
Like two golden apples,
Those breasts were wielded.
Like two pillars of marble,
I have seen the highest, standing legs.

And I’ll lay you down,
To where the ocean’s ripples are the calmness,
Until we create a storm,
And make the world know our presence.

I’ll kiss, and kiss, again,
Your sweet and delicate form.

Love will be our curse and our blessing,
From each ecstatic sigh you release.
And I’ll come through to thee,
To offer worlds you’ve yet to see.

I am the rock upon which
Your wet and gliding body
Laps against.
Sadness is yet behind us,
Where we left it.

Are you here, where we will stay?

Poem – “Under those Swipes of Scarlet” – Romance – 11/25/2019

Where beauty plays with its ashes,
And sees romance in every word.
Spoken by delicate and worthless eyes,
Being the eyes of mine,
I see, above me,
Two swipes of scarlet brimming with a word.

And, as that word falls onto my face,
I begin to notice how it writhes,
Soon when it touches my beaming forehead,
Alike a drop of rain, from some distant Heaven
I knew, or simply believed
Had never existed.

Pleasure has a kind way
Of showing its intent in malice.
She is a woman without any contempt,
Not in what is written over my mind.
For her very bleak appearance,
I keep a burning hatred close.

One word, dropped from two swipes of scarlet,
That word, being “want”,
Released from a font,
Whereupon water was once holy.
Hatred, is but a denial to her,
Like the Heaven between her legs.

My emotion springs as a rarity,
For which I should be thankful.
She’ll now place her hand upon my eyes,
And offer me one hideous kiss,
From two swipes of scarlet,
As though the painter was not looking.

A Man’s Personal Thought – “The Definition of Marriage” – 11/24/2019

There is only one definition of marriage, through the eyes of a man, and that it summarizes into a single word: bliss.

While married in bliss, a man wishes to forget, and not remember the depravity of former days. Furthermore, a man wishes to show, not simply tell, the love to his wife. And what world is there to show to her, other than the one in his very chamber, his very heart that she denied he had, among all the other little unknowns so oblivious to her?

The world should not follow a woman, as to a man, that is a crime against his marriage. The world, that is, full of its ugliness, with war and pestilence spread about, is never to follow her. Shadows should never follow her, for “shadows” are not memories of any delight in them.

For a man should not stand in a woman’s shadow, blind to her. He should stand as her light.

Marriage is a place where bliss resides. To a man, he has no terrible world to conquer, other than the terrors his woman had once noticed, so that she will no longer notice them, and thus begin to notice only a world that she sees with pure awe.

To a man, to any man, a woman’s heart is where he lives, as she lives in his home, constructed by his own hands.

Were she to leave, then it would make the house a residence of emptiness. To imagine it, the heart has left the physical structure, so that all that remains is the empty space.

And were he to die, then all she’d have left are memories, haunting her as fresh shadows.

Poem – “Pour your Distant Stare into Me” – Romance – 11/24/2019

Here are glimpses for the world’s most benevolent,
And you have a face that would make the Earth,
Lean forward to kiss its heavenly smile.

Allow ocean to meet ocean,
And sorrow to die away,
In all we know of each other.

Your stare is but two visions apart,
And I know not which,
To put my own glance.

Hand me it, the stare that would end all terror,
In the smallest moment,
Blue and blue, like two seas to drown me into hope.

Like two of Neptune’s spawn,
I wish to be unlike the creation of Bacchus,
Never to anymore, drown in its wine.

Kill me with your blue,
Blow me a great kiss towards my stormy soul,
And make me glad I met you.

Poem – “One Tear Against a Thousand Forms” – Romance – 11/24/2019

Of all romance, and of all aromas,
Romantic and aromatic,
Footsteps fall onto the floor with grace,
And allow the moon to drop that single tear,
Upon her ever-worn and smoothed face,
Alike the rocks that receive the wind.

Love is a calling,
To her feeble form.
Though, she is but a stone,
With the fragrant moss upon her gray skin,
Still youthful, with all the energy
Befitting a woman young at heart.

How would I kiss this vision
Without knowing the curse to which
Makes me a man without acceptance?
I have to be in love,
With this strange and anguished dove,
Her form only a heap of stone.

One tear against a thousand forms,
One tear against a thousand pebbles,
That have receded to the bottom of a lake,
Caught by the touch of Autumn,
With fiery leaves against the surface.
For that lake is only
A single flattened teardrop upon the Earth’s soil,
That is greater in fragrance than herself.

Could she ever lift herself?
Starve herself,
Before I find beauty elsewhere?

Poem – “Our Place in Everything Simple” – Romance – 11/23/2019

White petals, makes paths atop your pale flesh,
Unseen, alike wherever your eyes trail.
Unheard were the words from your parted mouth,
And the love we’ve made ourselves
To care for, in a place of simplicity.
A mourning,
Upon one morning,
A few droplets were against your hair,
And had stayed there,
For me to count their number,
And for me to pull them away,
Alike the petals atop your pale flesh.

Shall we dance, with pity in our mouths?
While we love,
Shall we count kisses against our mouths?
I believe love will devour
All the sadness on the Earth,
I believe in love’s warm breath,
Against the lakes that freeze
To the breath of winter.

Love finds shelter
In its home of homes.
A beloved feels pleasure,
In her chamber of chambers,
Where constriction has made itself a marriage
Enjoyable in my touch.

Poem – “Our Love Beneath the Waves” – Romance – 11/23/2019

Of flame to forge,
A love to dance upon waves,
And swim beneath currents.
You carried the most heated words,
And breathed them upon my naked guilt.
Of all waters to swallow
The buildings of Heaven,
Structures meant to collapse,
At the slightest movement
Of a love unmeant to die.

You died,
Because I spoke words without leaves,
Without the spring to renew it.
Now you have fallen with screams and cries,
Stuck in your throat.
As I beg for your unleashing
Of words now with coldness,
You are not in refusal,
But do burn in the waters,
You do burn in the ocean.

Our love,
Was constructed of life.
And now as the tides come racing
Upon my mind,
I show emotions from my eclipsed heart,
For a moon has made its way
Over the sun,
And raised the ocean to meet its pale hue.
When I find you, alone, without the kiss,
Love shall drown out of the picture.

Poem – “The Loss of Ivory” – Romance – 11/23/2019

I buried thee in a grave,
For my failure to simply save,
The conditions that plague your feeble form,
The additions of all terrible inconvenience,
A body crippled to be
Every page of our shared tragedy.
Love is now at its knees,
Calling me down to see,
What is only a belief.

I cannot truly accept,
Your loss from myself,
Here I kneel as though to propose,
And only death is before myself.
Would Death perhaps accept the rose,
The rose, or perhaps the ring?

Would Death marry this woeful heart,
And keep despair always away?
How would Death,
Do this,
When you are Death?
A woman, now a skeleton,
Now a structure to form a museum,
Both of inward and outward,
The structure of pillars,
And the structure of artifacts.

You have sullied yourself,
Before the very man,
Who gained only because you have waned,
Freely from this horrid life.

Poem – “Our Faces, like Two Loving Moons” – Romance – 11/23/2019

I have wept two single tears,
To where our paths shall divide.
One path leads
To a place of flame, of summer with sweetest kiss.
The other leads,
To a place of coldness, of winter with misery’s tempest.

Our faces look upon where I have shown
Our world to end itself,
By cuts upon its own wrist,
For I know,
And truly accept,
That these paths lead away out of blood.
For suicide and depravity
Is where our love only ever thrived.

Why would you question me,
Me, and my emotions upon this time?
I am a man with no shame to reject,
And nothing to spare,

Nothing to neglect.
A failure to all, in my body’s fall.

As Heaven ceases to be!
As Hell is our truest realism!
I am the subtle becoming.
Two tears out of this garden, not of Eden,
Though, of my mind,
My garden of thoughts,
The despair that I bought,
Among the choices I taught,
Are where I die,
In the world I leave behind.

Poem – “The Coldest Warmth” – Romance – 11/23/2019

I run around where I have seen,
All where she has mustered up herself.
Two little petals upon isolated cheeks,
Two dynasties upon a feared woman,
And I would kiss them away,
Were she to never draw herself away.

Two legs,
Like two pillars of porcelain.
Two eyes,
Like embedded rocks of blue.
And a haze of green is all I’ve seen,
In forests dressed in silk,
In verdure laid in a mother’s milk,
Of green upon the deepest white of her form,
Dressed only in the tragedy to her woeful heart.
What am I?

I am but a human,
Whose light is frozen,
For I cannot cast it,
When my shadow is the warmth.