Words of Wisdom – “To Debunk the Stupidity of Self-Love” – Philosophy on Love – 12/1/2019


An injection, so to speak, is the definition of “loving the self”.

An “injection”, and to focus on that word, becomes the sight of semen or heroin, “injected” into the body.

Love is an emotion of offering, as the gift, as the covering to the body, the modesty that cloaks or garbs it, and the “injection” is only the gain. For the foolish and moronic Hippy will state that love is a high, though he or she has only injected, into themselves, or into another, what is to be gained, not given.

Objectively, love is the gift, the protection of truth, the concealing of flesh, because that represents the sacrifice.

For of the opposite, there is lust. There is a stale indifference, through lust, and there is no eternal companionship, in it. In lust, there is gain, the opposite of “giving”.

What else is there to know?

What else is there to know, besides that to “inject” a substance, such as semen or heroin, is the essence of “gain”, not “giving” for what will be the “result” of that injection. One “gains” the high from heroin, though it wasn’t a gift, for the injection of heroin, was of course, not a result of protection to the flesh. One, as well, “gains” a child, though through the foolish and moronic Hippy’s mindset, their “homeless way of life” will not provide for the child.

To argue, and state that love is defined as “protection of the flesh” is an “archaic” view, would inevitably make that arguer perfectly willing to see their own child, or other loved one, mangled and twisted on the roadway.

That mindset is one of a psychopath.

What else is there to know?

At the same time, “self-love” is merely an “injection” of its own, a love of one’s body. Someone who values the idea of “self-love” is to reveal their body, not protect it. Therefore, they desire gain, not gift.