Words of Wisdom – “Why a Man does what He does…” – Philosophy on Marriage – 12/2/2019


Why does a man cry in isolation?

He realizes he has been wrong.

Why does a man do what he does? It is because of a something that is both an illness and an attraction, to him. Stupidity. He is stupid, and realizes his mistakes could only have been because he believed he was smart.

His greatest gift to a woman, is in his realization that she needn’t be envious of his achievement.

To “pull her away from danger” or to be “chivalrous”, makes him, as a man, the one to believe she is the smart one.

To keep her sane, is to keep her smart. Smart enough to soothe him, when he is in his most primal and wrathful form, because that is when he most stupid and brutal.

A woman is like a vase. Beautiful. He is too far gone if her beauty is broken, if his stupidity and brutality has brought itself upon her beauty, like the vase being shattered. Beauty is to be protected.

And so, I ask…

“Why would a woman willingly break herself, in envy for that stupidity?”