Words of Wisdom – “A Belief in Realism, a Belief in Coldness” – Pt. 1 – Philosophy on Love – 12/4/2019


“Love is the stark fixation on the future. Where reality resides, that is the moment where things die. Whatever fool believes so much in reality will be a person to die in that cold. Where flickers of warmth are offered, to that person condemned in reality, that is the person who begs. They work, and they beg for more to work for. They are tiny people, with little to achieve, and so much to carry.

Love would be the emphasis on placing their load to the floor, and offering them relief. It is because adaption is instant, while acceptance requires time. That worker, who believed so much in realism, has been someone forced to adapt, in that instant. That worker, who has seen the face of love, will require ever-more work to accept what is before them.

For why have there been people who deny God? Why are there people who are anxious for the future? They do not, because they refuse to, accept what is before them. The representation of love will be devoted to aid, and never devoted to consume the bread already within the beggar’s palms.”