Words of Wisdom – “A Lack of a Gray Area” – Philosophy on Life – 12/4/2019

“The human brain is incapable of processing two thoughts during the same moment. Therefore, ‘focus’ comes into this, when we understand that there are always ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ focuses. There is never a ‘gray area’ for anything, when any individual cannot be ‘focused’ on two ‘focuses’ at the same time. ‘Primary’ and ‘secondary’ holds the same definition as ‘majority’ and ‘minority’. One should never believe in the idea that both a majority and a minority can be unified. It is impossible. Even though they cannot live without the other, one side will always have more power and control, than the other.”

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This is a blog for the romantic and inspired, and of those who yearn to share intimacy in the form of words. Acceptance of comments, that is, is necessary to fill-out my work, when a critique is offered. This blog treats romanticism in the fashion it has always been placed, with endless emotion from the stirring love and of a heart drowned in sorrow. Beauty and love has continued to be my focus, and it is a focus for those who yearn for it, either in its return or in its newness.

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