Words of Wisdom – “The Blaming, Pointed Finger” – Philosophy on Life – 12/4/2019


“In the times we do not know who to blame, when we refuse to blame ourselves, we will point our finger at the unseen. We will point our finger at God, perhaps, or we will point our finger at the people who were missing. It is our instinct to never blame the Devil, for we are the Devil, and even for those with the deepest of faith, they will still blame that unseen character. It is because ‘personal responsibility’ is not within those instincts. It must be reminded of, to take responsibility, as the individual leader to only ever an individual circumstance, faulted by only the individual. When we say, ‘God is to blame, because he was never there’, we inevitably speak as God’s enemy, the controller of evil, who, of course, is the Devil. Yet, when does it ever become commonplace for us to admit that Heaven will never be at fault, when we have devised our own Hell?”