Words of Wisdom – “To Be a Believer in Nothingness” – Philosophy on Religion – 12/8/2019


“A believer in a world of no authority stems from Atheism. There are those who are frantic about the state of their own individualism, and thus, we have Atheism even in those who are not Atheists, or devoted Atheists, themselves. We have those who are desperate to keep, which becomes the keeping of their duties, until the act of ‘letting go’, and ennui and apathy becomes the central attention, of such people. They become a believer in nothingness. For even those who repeat the slogan, to ‘be yourself’ are Atheists, in the exact definition of the word. Atheism transfers over to a state of centrality. To understand the self, becomes the mindset of any Atheist, when opposite from the belief that another, such as God, understands the self. ‘How many hairs are upon your head?’ a Christian may ask, and he’ll say next that, ‘only God knows.’ Every developing Atheist, begins to believe only in the self, upon one point, unless if it isn’t the case, then they aren’t the true Atheists. If they possess belief, as in, to not be the ‘believer in nothingness’, or if they possess faith, then how can they be an Atheist? To make it blunt in expression, there is no such thing as a ‘total’ Atheist, for even the Atheist devoted to their ways, will be contradicting to their cause. Do they trust the word of their mother? Yes. Do they trust the wisdom of their own children? Yes. And, would they look upwards to the authority of legality and claimed leadership? One would hope so. In such a case, no person can name themselves to be an Atheist, in any whole sense.”