Words of Wisdom – “The Pages of Life” – Philosophy on Life – 12/9/2019


“Coming death has its way of marking upon life, the reflection of it, as though the dying one stares always into a puddle. As though the remaining minutes are draining blood from the veins to make that puddle at the person’s feet, there is reflection from a reflection. Death creates history. Pages are never completely torn from books, for a keepsake in a storage, because many details are always lost to the time of a life. Secrets, not shared with life, when the person was well-enough to speak, are left to be scattered as ashes among the soil. As though the headstone raises itself from the brow of the dead individual. As though the headstone were the sight of the dead, only raised halfway to the height of them. Six feet below and three feet above… the dead are submerged, and their headstone may as well be a periscope.”