Words of Wisdom – “The Betrayal of Honesty” – Political Philosophy – 12/10/2019


“Honesty is only ever triumphant, through insanity. Laughter, therefore, is never to be attributed to the cold logic, and only the cold logic that floods through the political world, at its philosophical core.

To reveal a heart, to reveal character and not to ever build it, becomes the nature of politics.

A man within politics has darkness robed about himself. Darkness, is the place of such a world, and a world that attracts a man, because the male mind is ever-so suited to be lusted after it. For the political world is never controlled by the man, as much as the political world controls the man. As much as a man is attracted to the darkness of this world, is for the same reason as a man will pull a woman away from it. He is as much attracted to her darkness to save, as he is pulled by the strings as a puppet to it.

A woman within politics has her mind educated, not by the education granted of it through higher education, though by always exposing her heart to open penetration. That is to say that a woman will have her whole character revealed, exposed to the public, as though nude before the world, so that temptation and charm becomes a state in the political world.

Character is a place where the heart is located. A man is allured, while a woman allures.

Laughter is an attribute to insanity. It must be. We laugh, to show expression, for something ‘funny’. As much as we laugh at someone getting hurt, as much as we laugh at someone else laughing, as much as we laugh at the one who is humiliated, we laugh to show our character.

Broad daylight, is as bold as laughter.

For it is the sun that releases the warmth, as well as laughter that lights up the face.

What is leadership, then, other than the honesty directed, with laughter upon one’s enemies, and the laughter during victory? Doubt should never be targeted at the self, as a leader. External doubt comes from children, laughing at the leader who will do well.

A man who is laughed upon, as a leader, will see children to discipline.

A woman who is laughed upon, as a leader, will see children to console and reassure.

Insanity is the prize of leadership, because one never holds a stable mind in it. And, to look upon the political senator, or the political congressman, and see them with stone-like faces, would they laugh, in an instant upon realizing a wrong of themselves? What training must such a person endure, to never laugh, in the open? And, when they return home, do they burst into tears of laughter, before a mirror?

More than all else, laughter through honesty seems to be criminal behavior, in today’s world.

A world, that is, known as the ‘politically correct’ world has seen fit to shun many types of humor. For what reason, is this?

It is only to disregard honesty.

Honesty does not fail.

When we reveal, we cannot fail. It is an impossible task.

Honesty is the importance to a character that brims from a life full of expression, to a world that will always shun it.

Beautiful, becomes the character, when honest in the ways the world despises. Bright, does it become, when we know we cannot stare directly at the sun, without feeling burned.

The sun blinds, though does not deafen.

As well, with the honest character, we are still aware enough to hear it. But, our eyes will stare somewhere else.”