Words of Wisdom – “Oh, How I Hate Selfishness…” – Philosophy on Life – 12/11/2019


“A current mentality is seen to be saying the words, ‘I choose myself, over anyone else,’ and is the mentality that has forsaken empathy.

It is a mentality embedded in cowardice.

For what is the idea behind courage, other than to have the nerve to understand one’s enemy? The external demons we face, to comprehend their existence, or what made them what they are, requires patience. And… the coward would choose to be alone, after they’ve retreated as fast as they could flee, away from the danger of such demons.

Empathy is sight, and nothing else. By what we see, not by what we experience, we are haunted. To see another person’s pain, and relate to it, is empathy by its very definition.

What’s a world full of humans who have forsaken that empathy?

Empathy is a place of external identification.

And yet…

A current world has formed where we have people who wish to understand themselves. A current world has formed where we have people who wish to identify as only themselves. A current world has formed where we have people who wish to discover only themselves. How miserable.

It is a foolish world of no bravery.

Only the coward ever sinks themselves back under a rock, and wishes to only see themselves.

More than all else that has been written above…

Should someone use any typical noble attitude, to say that one must understand the self, before one has a chance to understand another, is to say that they find themselves as the only person worthwhile to live upon this Earth. They feel alone, though are content with that loneliness.

But, are they happy?

To see the self, without the marks from what the world has done to the individual person, is to say that one has indeed lived a life purely in that loneliness. And… should someone, after sequential periods of betrayal, desire to sink back into themselves, they will be alone, and be no longer marked upon themselves, what the world does to them.


As a person sinks further in the act of ‘self-discovery’, what grows on the outside of them, for their ‘appearance’, are those discoveries.

That is…

For whatever internal trauma that such betrayal has caused, will be made a reality on the outside.

It is the same as digging into the subconscious mind, and unearthing old memories to understand… and, what forms itself upon the skin, as the clothes, is objective ugliness.

For we, as humans, will always bury what could not be understood. That becomes fear.

A child learns its first lesson that way.

Do we remain as children, by remaining in that basement haunt of memories, of discovery only upon the self, fearful of who may discover us?

It is sad to think on…”