Philosophy – "The Curse of the Gifted" – 12/14/2019


Through having a gift, having a talent, having diversity among the individual artist, there is complete envy for that gifted artist, and much depression that resonates within that gifted artist.

It is because for each color that the gifted artist adds to their work, to their voice, to their canvas, to their page, or whatever else, they become masks. Each color is a mask, for the artist. Painted over their face, are these masks, and they become the thing that shrouds the individual artist’s individualism.

For this is the reason why mental illness becomes part of the gifted artist.

They know not who they are, as a gifted artist.

A gifted artist discovers both gift and curse, and though logical reasoning would say that the artist should not succumb to curse, it is always the gifted artist who hates themselves. Take that previous detail, and comprehend one thing about how lifted the gifted artist feels, enough to feel immortal. They then become curious over death.

Take away the curse, and the gift goes with it.

If you feed the gifted artist a medicine that is meant to cure the curse, then the gift will disappear, as well.

Take away the curiosity of death, and a person becomes centered. Take away the fear of death, and the same occurs, that the person becomes centered. That, right there, is the focus. For when a person is “centered” between being loved or being hated, they can show to the world that their work, not the artist themselves, should be lifted in admiration. That is, they can focus upon their work, not so much upon themselves.

Individualism strikes the gifted artist as an alien thing, because as themselves, they view their own reflection to be alien.

Able to adopt the many personas that the world offers, this is the many colors and the vast diversity that the gifted artist can comprehend. From synesthesia for music, to the color palette for a literal painting, to the descriptions of scenery for literature, there is color. And to be “multi-talented” or “gifted” makes such an artist able to diversify themselves, divide themselves, so they are never whole.

Individualism, or focus, is therefore, not among the gifted artist, because how can the gifted artist ever have a focus when their own reflection is much alike the fragmented or shattered mirror?