Poem – “Like the Sun that Beams its Radiance” – Erotic Poetry – 2/15/2020

Like one wild summer
In the prairies.
Like one spread of two legs,
Among the apples, your breasts,
Among the scent, from your skin,
Among the forests beneath, and the skies above,
I will drown.

Like the world around us
Collapsed into us,
Like the sun that blossoms its radiance on your temples,
We are lost
In the dew of us that drenches the soil.

Beauty has but a solid flower,
Between ivory pillars,
Golden in what gleams, from it.
As it showers the meadows with a new fragrance.
What engulfs the birds, engulfs me.

Beauty has its complexion on your currents,
Between ivory pillars.
Beauty has its reflection, in what I notice
From each delicate stream
Becoming a torrent.

Love forces me to kneel,
To my heavenly ideal.
And so, I implore you to believe,
That, in our love, we will never grieve.