Poem – "Symptoms of Pleasure" – Erotica – 3/23/2020

Fuel me with your flame,
And pour wine on my neck
While I kiss thighs, white as porcelain.

The symptoms of pleasure
Are so similar to love
When we tremble over fear’s furnace.

For what I cannot lose,
I will continue to hold

With a compass to lead me across
Ways so far from that heat,
Wrong in its discord
To a life full of sweetness and bliss.

Lay with me,
Would you?
And ignite me with a smile
As wide as the ocean across
All ways so far from the shore,
Where we stand in the center of a base,
And feel as safe
As the arms that smear.

I will spread oils
For your eyes to see their current.

I will open gates
As wide as the ocean between your legs.
And drink the entirety
Of what I follow
Being those messages from behind

That tell me you are mine.