Poem – “Move with Me” – Romance – 5/14/2020

We are sailing
To the winds at our backs,
To the freedom that says,
“Do not turn back,
For there is nothing you lack.”
As the clouds part,
It is the only storm to ever close,
While ahead is the light.

We are drifting to the sunrise,
Not the sunset.
Though, the west be aflame
With the fires of distress,
Glimpses of power grasped by filthy hands,
We sail towards a freedom
That we make.

We love like the ocean is a mere lake
To cross, to not be lost
Beneath the sky, and its countless scars.

Move with me
Over the ocean’s making
Of your tears, now of joy,
Of your fears, left behind,
For only the wind ever serves to move us
When we cannot move ourselves.

Kiss me
Beneath the raining stars,
Cut loose from opened scars,
Broken loose from steel bars,
Freed from the cruelest wars,
As you are everything.

I forge your eyes from Heaven’s flame
To see everything to become our fame
In the heat of the sunrise,
No different in any direction,
Except where we walk,
To understand, without needing to talk.

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