Poem – “A Rock in a Soft Place” – Erotica – 5/15/2020

Dress yourself
In the evening's current,
In that skin you use to crawl
Up to my eyes.

A pillar stands tall
For your numb form.
Let thunder race across, to bring you to life
Once more, deep in my sight.

Cover yourself
In your own pleasure,
To see mine
While faces pour themselves into close glances.
We shall, as we must
Put ourselves in a gifted position
To dine
On scents and wine.

We love the wind,
Though scarce as it may come
From one opened window,
We breathe ourselves around.

Your desert
Shall become the ocean
Within a few mighty moments
Fraught with the taking of your sorrows.

A rock in a soft place
When marble clashes with sand, upon the hurried land.